Hypnosis Holiday - beating the blues

The world over, the impact of Covid19 means that going into the summer it looks more and more likely that governments are warning against the expectation of taking holidays abroad.I have friends who planned to visit her in Canada from the UK in August - to take a trip from Calgary, though the rockies and over to Vancouver. My parents were planning a cruise up the western coastline of Canada from Vancouver to Alaska in September . Both are unlikely to happen. In fact, I wish them to stay home and stay safe right now.

But the summer break is something we all look forward to. A time to break routines, enjoy some space and time with family and friends and to explore new experiences.

So in response, I’m going to help people to travel to their favourite destination – from the comfort of their own armchair! Amid the despair and grief of this pandemic, it might seem silly to focus on holidays, but they undoubtedly play a huge part in our mental health and wellbeing. From the excitement of choosing a destination and accommodation, researching everything from sights to restaurants, to the actual week or fortnight itself followed by the recollection of treasured

memories, holidays really do matter.

It’s about ‘life experiences’, relaxation, and most importantly, escapism from everyday life. The coping process of escapism is common to many people in difficult times, and by wanting to still book a holiday, we are actively engaging in escapism behaviour. Escape is key in our mental self-care, and it can be good to seek a happy escape when things seem impossible – that feeling of ‘I

just need to get away’.

And of course, many forms of our regular escapisms, such as going out to the gym, bars and restaurants, have been taken away from us, increasing our desire to plan ahead for getaways once lockdown is lifted.

I’ve now created five free downloads to enable people to spirit their minds away to an amazing holiday destination and in doing so, take back a little of the relaxation and release they would have enjoyed had they actually been away.

At a time when we can’t guarantee a lengthier reprieve, something as simple as taking a ‘virtual holiday’ can offer a brief moment of escapism. This allows you an outlet for the stress we are facing, and the energy to re-engage with life in lockdown.

My free downloads are a form of self-hypnosis, and simply require you to sit down in a quiet and comfortable spot, close your eyes, listen to my words, visualise the holiday destination, and relax. I’ve chosen five types of holiday for the recordings – beach resort, mountains, safari, road trip, and Disney – to reflect predictions made by an independent travel agency Andara

Travel UK , which specialises in organising tailor-made trips for people around the world.

Sandra Mutter, Managing Director of Andara Travel, believes there will be a number of key things holidaymakers will look for once the travel industry reopens for business. She said: “We’re expecting people will be seeking plenty of space and fresh air after being cooped up for so long – destinations such as New Zealand, Canada and America will be popular, especially forself-drive trips. Also, many people will feel like doing something completely different as an antidote to months of boredom, so an adventurous African safari might well appeal. Conversely, some families might want privacy to reconnect with each other after enduring being forced apart for such a long time. I think we will see idyllic islands like those in the Caribbean proving popular for multigenerational groups involving grandparents, parents and children all enjoying some quality time together, whereas couples might favour treating themselves to some luxury in the Maldives.”

She added: “We understand how essential it is for many people to have something to look forward to once we emerge on the other side of this terrible pandemic, and a holiday away from their lockdown base will be a real tonic.

Try my downloads for yourself now and let me know what you think.


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