Guided self hypnosis

My Guided Self Hypnosis recordings are best listened to when you have a real heart felt desire for change.


Your dedication to consistently listen to one recording for 21 days is the optimal way to achieving results.

The three main steps for your self hypnosis success are as follows:


  • Finding a quiet time and place

  • Relax and let go

  • Your commitment and motivation


Self Hypnosis Recordings 

Please note that Guided Self-Hypnosis can not replace the hypno-analytical skills of a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist who is skilled at weaving a number of techniques and protocols together to reveal and resolve complex human emotions and feelings.

These self hypnosis 'albums' are organized by category, you can play the recording directly from this webpage.


Stress Buster technique explainer video

Learn how to free yourself from feelings of anxiety and stress.

You  will notice an immediate shift in your feelings and emotions.

Click the icon to watch my video.

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